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A Winston-Salem-based software development company takes inspiration from Sherlock Holmes’ famous saying that the game is afoot, choosing instead to believe that the solution is afoot.
“We try to solve your business puzzle with software,” said Josh Schuminsky, CEO and founder of Solutions Afoot. “So, you can’t get from A to Z with your process. We come in, we evaluate and we build a bridge so you can get from point A to point Z with your software.”
Solutions Afoot custom develops applications and databases for its clients. Using Caspio, Solutions Afoot can easily integrate its own developments into other softwares, Schuminsky said.
The company’s goal is to put its clients at the forefront of its work, bringing them into every step of the process so that software is ensured to be easy to understand and use – whether the client will use it for their own business operations or sell the software.
“The fundamental challenge in software companies is that we tend to speak within the industry in our own babble, but when you’re trying to talk to a business owner who’s engaged in customer relation management (CRM), they don’t always have the time to learn this stuff,” said Nike Roach, chief business development officer at Solutions Afoot.
Solutions Afoot brings its clients into the company’s own project management software so the client can see what’s happening with their development and ask questions or make notes.
Founded in 2017, Solutions Afoot has three full-time employees — Schuminsky, Roach and chief knowledge officer Chris Vaughan. All came from their own small businesses. The startup also uses three contracted certified developers. Solutions Afoot expects to hire more developers soon based on the clients and projects it is currently onboarding.
Solutions Afoot is industry-agnostic but said it’s seen a lot of healthcare clients. For example, it worked on a portal between merchant marine ships and onshore doctors to diagnose sailors from afar and created a CRM for a home healthcare business in California to onboard patients. Schuminsky said the company also recently landed a project with a virtual healthcare company in Florida.
Developing for business of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, Solutions Afoot also has done several projects within the professional services industry.
The company’s software has also had a far reach – users of its clients’ applications include Disney, Sephora, McDonald’s and Coca Cola, Schuminsky said.
Solutions Afoot has gone with a relatively traditional method when it comes to money. The startup has not sought any venture capital or funding, instead growing organically through the contracts it acquires.
Schuminksy declined to disclose exact revenues but said that Solutions Afoot is “totally in the green.”
Solutions Afoot also operates a standalone CRM product offering, called Sherlock CRM, which just launched its beta run and soft launched with the Forsyth Small Business Center. Sherlock CRM allows clients to see every aspect of their business in one sphere.
Solutions Afoot also prides itself on hands-on customer service, helping with its software and applications whenever a client has an issue, no matter how long ago the project was completed.
“A lot of other companies like to do things through a bunch of software tickets back and forth, with people posting an image or a description of what their problem is,” Vaughan said. “We’re pretty quick to get on the phone or get on a Zoom to make sure we talk through what their need is.”
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