Why you Should try a Vajacial and Where to Get it done in Nairobi

Why you Should try a Vajacial and Where to Get it done in Nairobi

Did you do a little “trimming” on your intimate body parts over Valentine’s and you feel like you need some soothing on there? Consider getting a Vajacial. It’s a spa treatment performed on the vulva of the vagina. Focusing on the bikini line and outer labia. Basically, It’s a ‘facial’ for “down there”.

Vajacials are usually follow up treatments to help deal with side effects of hair removal on the vagina. It is recommended to get a vajacial 7 days post shaving and receiving a wax.

Vajacials are performed on your vulva, not your vagina. Vajacials focus on the bikini line, pubic mound (the V-shaped area where most of your pubic hair grows), and outer labia, and don’t actually involve anything going into your vagina.

A vajacial is typically a 1 hour treatment, which includes a cleanse, mild enzyme exfoliant, extractions of ingrown hairs, followed by a soothing mask, completed with a skin brightening serum or spot treatment.

Some salons offer cleansing, exfoliation, ingrown hair treatment and/or removal, while others include abdominal massages, vaginal steaming, and the use of LED lights for antibacterial purposes. 

An esthetician will advise you to get a skin test done a day or two before you undergo the procedure.

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