Why is Rwanda listed among the unhappiest coutry by World Happines Report?

You should ask those who put it together or see their criteria. How do you measure happiness in a country? It is a very relative term. The same report has Tanzania, Botswana in the same category.
I know for a fact that Tanzanians and Botswana people are some of the happiest people I have ever met. So, it makes me question the whole report and the criteria of the ranking. How is Indonesia ranked? Do you think the ranking is fair?

Are you telling me that we went from the happiest place to live in 2015 to the worst in 4 years? Rwandans among happiest people worldwide – survey

This is why I doubt the credibility and the methodology of these surveys.

Otherwise, we are happy people in Rwanda. We love the direction that our country is heading to. Despite many challenges along the way, we are very determined to change the course of our history.

What do you think?

Written by Kwetu Buzz


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