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Too often food travels long distances from the moment it is produced to the final consumer. This ends up in loss of freshness, food waste, and a big carbon footprint. In this Webinar we give the floor to two innovative Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do it better.
Their out-of-the-box business ideas that disrupt existing food chains will give you a glimpse into the future where food reaches its destination in a user-controlled, obstacle-free, and local way.
Simone Koekkoek, Pixelfarm.eu: So far robot-grown vegetables are only featured in science fiction movies. Simone Koekkoek at the Pixelfarming.eu is on the way to changing it. Using robots, her customers can grow their own vegetables on a square plot pixel-by-pixel. When it’s time to harvest, the fresh produce is sent directly to the customers in a box.
Maarten Klop, Local2local: Would you like to buy food directly from the local farmers? If yes, then you are at the right address by Local2local. Maarten Klop, the coordinator of the Local2local Talents, will share his first-hand experience on how to build a network of farmers and businesses, and bring young people into the frontlines of the food system transition.
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