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FORT MILL, S.C. (WBTV) – A milk home delivery business is getting hit hard by rising costs.
It says the light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer by the day. So they are reaching out to their existing customer base to help them stay afloat.
Lakeview Farms delivers milk to families from Fort Mill all the way to Waxhaw, but with prices steadily increasing, they feel like they might have to close up these trucks for good.
It was an idea dating back to the 1700s, home milk delivery.
”It was kind of a whim. My daughter wanted to go into some type of business,” explains explains Jim Price, president and owner.
Thus, Lakeview Farms was born and 20 years later, that whim is proving to be a successful business.
”People have called us and said we didn’t get our mail today because of the snow but we did get our milk,” says Price.
Price has a ton of passion for the milk business, but it has not been easy.
”It’s just the challenge of small business in itself going up against huge box stores,” he says.
The latest challenge – rising costs. Price says everything from feed and their signature glass bottles to the gas they fill their trucks with has skyrocketed.
”Your vet has to pay more to come to the farm for fuel. When the tractor that you use to work your farm skyrockets, doubles. Electricity goes up or energy cost goes up,” he explains.
They are eating, or in this case drinking, all those costs.
”For over 20 years, we’ve kinda hung on when we needed to but there comes a time where you don’t see a bright future,” says Price.
That is why Lakeview is calling on customers who love their products for help. In a flyer sent to them, they’re calling this month March Milk Madness hoping to recruit 50 new customers.
”I’m pretty sure if we don’t get the 50 customers or something close to that over the next two months there will be a good chance, we shut our business down,” he says.
Price says it is a heavy lift but he is hopeful his customers will come through.
”It’s uplifting to see we have people concerned about our business and survivability,” says Price.
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