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published : 30 Jun 2021 at 17:08
writer: Online Reporters
A new charter amendment bill has been submitted by a group calling itself "Re-Solution", aiming at dismantling the "Prayut regime" and preventing Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha staying on in power.
Led by Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, secretary-general of the Progressive Movement, Parit Wacharasindhu, a former member of the Democrat Party, and Yingcheep Atchanond, manager of the Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw), the group submitted its proposed amendment legislation to Parliament President Chuan Leekpai on Wednesday.

The bill, and its 150,921 signatures of support, was received by Somboon Uthaiwiankul, Mr Chuan’s secretary.

Mr Parit said the people had seen for themselves how incompetent Gen Prayut was in tackling the Covid-19 crisis.
The 2017 constitution was written with the intention of prolonging Gen Prayut’s hold on power. As long as it remained in force the people would not be able to have a new government, regardless how dissatisfied they were with the current administration.

Therefore, it was extremely important that the present constitution be amended, so that the people could have democracy and a political system of their choice, he said.

Mr Parit said the way senators voted down 12 of the 13 charter amendment bills proposed by political parties was like shutting the door in the people’s face.

“Now we can see that there are still many people who refuse to yield to the Senate’s power. At least 150,000 people have signed up to support the charter amendment draft of the Re-Solution group.

“The bill is designed to end the perpetuation of power by the Prayut regime, trim the power of the Senate, change the method of appointing the members of the Constitutional Court and independent agencies, revoke the 20-year national strategy and get rid of all consequences of the coup,” he said.

Mr Yingcheep, of iLaw, said this was the second charter amendment draft proposed by the people. The first one was rejected by parliament.

He hoped the latest draft would not be rejected again. The fact that the group was able to gather more than 100,000 names in only 20 days showed the people were eager to see change, he said.

Mr Piyabutr, of the Progressive Movement, thanked the people who joined the group’s political move.

“I hope the amendment draft with more than 150,000 names of supporters will be enough for members of parliament to accept it for deliberation, and not easily reject it as they did the last time,” he said.

Since the only amendment bill passed by parliament in the first reading affected only the election method, it was necessary for the Re-Solution group to propose other changes  – to bring Thailand back to normal and enable all political parties to compete in free and fair elections, Mr Piyabutr said.

Mr Piyabutr said he hoped Re-Solution’s draft amendment would be put on the parliament agenda.

He asked the people to keep their eyes on the senators, and see how they voted.

“We know that the main obstacle is how to win support from at least one-third of the Senate.
“If the senators, who were undemocratically appointed, continue to reject the people’s wishes, their days will be numbered.
“We cannot afford to leave the country in the hands of the Senate.

“If the Senate rejects the people’s bill again, we will definitely step up our campaign against them,” Mr Piyabutr said.
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