My husband is getting a job offer in Great Britain. We are Indians and will be there for 2 years. How can we efficiently integrate into British society for the said duration? What are things we should know about the British culture?

I’m a Brit.

Here is a crash course in moving to the UK.

1: Not only will be take the mickey once we get to know you, we will expect you to return the compliment.

2: We like to complain. About EVERYTHING. The weather, politics, someone else getting a promotion. You’re not doing anything wrong, we LIKE doing this.

3: We queue. For everything.

4: PLEASE don’t call us Ma’am or Sir. We’re not the Queen, we’ve not been knighted. Love, hun, mate.. all perfect over here. Hell in some places you will also be called Duck!

5: If you see someone reading the Sun, ignore them.

6: If you hear it in a pub and it starts with “Apparently”, 99.99999% of the time it’s not true.

7: We are not overly enthusiastic about a lot of things, got good news “Oh nice!” is a normal response.

8: Religion wise, do as you want, just do it privately.

9: If a workmate smiles and mildly insults you, they like you. I.E “Your OTHER left you twozzock!”

10: We honestly are quite a welcoming people, so welcome to Britain, sorry about the weather!

What do you think?

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