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GREAT FALLS — As the pandemic continues, so does the impact on businesses – and that’s causing Jenn Fletcher, the owner of Mainstream Movers & The Boutique in Great Falls, to go online.
On Thursday morning, Fletcher took time to straighten up her shop even though she knew she only had a few days left before she closes the doors at 1900 4th Street NE.
“I was sure hopeful we could survive brick and mortar. I love the atmosphere, the ability to open my doors wide open and sit outside and say hello to people, show people around,” Fletcher said.
Fletcher opened the shop about a year ago to sell items she gets from her moving business.
“We like to find things throughout our moves and re-home them, refurbish them or spruce them up,” Fletcher explained.
Because of limited foot traffic during the pandemic, that boutique part of the business is moving online.
“Probably have a garage-type office,” Fletcher said.
She said she already sells a lot of her stuff online, but that hadn’t made the transition to an online business easy.
“Certainly not easy, no, and not nearly as much fun as face-to-face interactions with people in our community,” said Fletcher. “Sitting at a computer’s a lot different than being able to walk around and straighten up a store.”
She hadn’t completely given up on a brick and mortar business though, saying it may be more feasible in the future when the economy is more stable.
Fletcher hoped to have a website up soon; until then, you can find her business on Facebook.


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