George Wajackoyah: Presidential aspirant seeks to have 8 prime ministers, bhang legalised – The Standard

George Wajackoyah is a lawyer by profession. [James Wanzala, Standard]
Professor George Wajackoyah is the latest person to announce his presidential ambition ahead of the August 9, 2022 polls.
While announcing his candidature on Saturday, February 12 at the Diamond Plaza in Nairobi, Wajackoyah said, if elected president, he will introduce eight prime ministers in Kenya in charge of the defunct provinces.

He said he’d get rid of the county commissioners, who would be replaced by the prime ministers.
Wajackoyah further said that he will legalise bhang farming and sale in Kenya. According to him, the proceeds from bhang sale would help offset the Chinese loans. He’d, thereafter, sever ties with China, he said.

The lawyer further said that official workdays in Kenya would be between Monday and Thursday, saying Friday, being a Muslim prayer day, would not be counted as a workday, and that Saturday and Sunday would also form part of non-working days.
Wajackoyah said his administration would introduce death penalty for the corrupt individuals, and assign the Trade ministry to a person of Asian descent.
The presidential hopeful says in his administration he will personally serve as the Immigration minister, and that media houses would be owned by journalists, and not other proprietors.

He says, if elected president, he will, in the first six months, suspend the Constitution to “allow Kenyans to decide on the kind of Constitution that they want”.
Wajackoyah says he will run for president on Roots Party of Kenya ticket.

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