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“RAPID Transformation” by Ali Davachi is released with ForbesBooks.
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NEW YORK (February 22, 2022) — RAPID Transformation: An Outcomes-Based Approach to Drive Results by Realware founder and CEO Ali Davachi is available nowThe book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available on Amazon today.
In RAPID Transformation: An Outcomes-Based Approach to Drive Results, Ali Davachi shares his strategy for helping companies pivot when it matters most. Drawing from his over 30 years of experience, Davachi’s book is informed by real-world examples and a proven track record of helping businesses make disruption a part of their plan. 
The “RAPID” in the book’s title stands for Research, Analyze, Plan, Implement, and Decide. At its core, RAPID is a way for anyone to approach a challenge. It’s a human-centered process designed to nurture a mindset capable of tackling deep organizational issues. With data as its foundation, RAPID removes emotions from the equation to consistently yield measurable results.
“RAPID is designed specifically to help you uncover the answers you need and, most importantly, put them into action in order to steer your firm towards better results,” Davachi explained. “But the key to making RAPID work is this: having the courage to change.”
Through Davachi’s clear and comprehensive outline of RAPID, readers are taught to tackle challenges as large as capitalizing on disconnected supply chains and as small as deciding the corporate font. 
About Ali Davachi
For over 30 years, Realware founder and CEO Ali Davachi has successfully led and delivered projects in Fortune 500 firms (including companies centered on healthcare, consumer products, financial services, and direct-to-consumer pure plays) with large volume mobile, payment, e-commerce, telecommunications, and customer-facing applications. By applying his formidable combination of business and technology knowledge, he has brought to life innovative solutions that drove millions in savings and empowered his clients to pursue new and lucrative opportunities. 
Davachi’s goal is to always create “frictionless” digital transformation and business acceleration that spring from having the right business-driven platform and implementation partner in your corner. He also specializes in identifying a company’s unique value and leveraging it through technology.  
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