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The modular productivity space is heating up. Among the competition, Notion is currently leading the popularity charts. It can be your truly all-in-one workspace for personal and professional use. With the right amount of templates, you can get major work done from Notion for business. Here are the best Notion templates for your business.
Templates are the heart of the whole Notion experience. We have already covered the best templates for personal use. Students and teachers can check the top Notion templates for them as well. In this post, we will keep our focus on the business scenario.
The hiring in major companies is back to pre-pandemic levels. If you are looking to post a new job opening over social media channels, use the Job Board template from Notion.
The built-in template allows you to add company mission, open positions for various categories, and you can even talk about the company culture at the bottom. Finally, end the job board page with a nice quote at the bottom.
Use this template, make relevant changes, and create a read-only link to share it on the web.
Job Board Template
Do you have a hard time keeping important notes during meetings? Instead of using a note-taking app or pen/paper, you can take meeting notes directly into the Notion page.
What does it offer then? Users can use this template to capture notes from all meetings in one accessible spot. Notes can be tagged with meeting type to make them easy to find.
You can see when each meeting took place and who were the attendees.
Meeting Notes Template
Are you hiring employees for multiple positions at the company? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of them. Of course, you can always use an excel sheet, but it would be a time-consuming and unproductive way to do so.
Enter a dedicated Notion template called New Hire Onboarding. Admins can create checklists to help new hires get settled at their company. Click any card to see onboarding tasks and notes for that person.
New Hire Onboarding Template
This is yet another Notion template that can streamline the communication in your company.
Copy the template to your Notion workspace and start editing each page. For example, under the Team section, you can add company goals, values, the mission for this year, recent press releases, and more.
Under the policies section, one can mention other details such as office manual, vacation, benefits, expense policy, and more.
Company Home Template
Due to the pandemic, in-person meetings have been replaced by Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls. However, even after the meeting, you may want to brainstorm ideas with other employees.
This Notion template can help you define everything around the idea, and you can share it with other team members. In addition, one can add problems, different perspectives to the idea, solutions, and what’s next for the future, and other sections.
Brainstorming Template
This is more suitable for startups around the world. However, if you are planning to raise funds soon, you must be meeting with many potential investors and VCs out there.
Using the fundraising database template for Notion, you can check your meeting status, add firm name, title, meeting time, date, and more. One can even add more info, such as company history and their past investments in similar startups.
Fundraising Database Template
Every company out there has its vision and mission to take the whole organization to the next level. They also carry specific values and rules for healthy competition.
Copy this Vision and Mission template to your Notion board and edit it with your company goals. Then, revisit it every day and take your company to the next level.
Vision and Mission Template
Are you running a hedge fund, or does your company make regular investments in equity, commodity, crypto, NFTs, or startups? Sometimes, it can be tiresome to keep track of your company’s investments across various channels.
The investments tracker template can fill in the gap here. In a simple and easy-to-use Notion template, you can add investment type, fund name, amount, date, returns, and more.
Investments Tracker Template
Notion truly is versatile. With the right use of templates, one can easily manage all day-to-day company operations from a single app. Add the relevant template to your Notion dashboard and start making edits.
Last updated on 07 February, 2022
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Notion, the productivity app, was founded in 2013.
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